About me

My name is Lara and I’m a self-taught artist.

I was soul-searching for nearly my entire life, trying many lanes in studies and professions, working in a range of different jobs, denying the fate of the starving artist as much as I could…

But somehow I always end up with art. My hands have a craving to create, it’s like an obsession to constantly make something new, to bring life to all kinds of beautiful creations. So I finally gave up, I decided that in order to truly enjoy my journey I should take it to my own place, do it my own way and this website represents my first try at it.

I’m trying a range of different arts and crafts: sketching, painting wood, cork, glass and canvas, felting, embroidery and knitting. My only wish is for you to enjoy my work.

Hope this website will bring you inspiration and happiness!